Fixed Order Form!

Thursday, September 08, 2011

We heard your comments about some of the weirdness on our site, and are letting you know, our new website is improving on a daily basis, despite a few hiccups. (If it can happen to Amazon, it can happen to us occasionally too)

We knew it there would be a few glitches when we turned the lights on the new website, but this one was a weird one. Upon checkout, the order form would error waiting for authorization, then loop back to the checkout page, causing a few orders to duplicate. Top that off with some flicking fingers on the checkout button, and we immediately tried to resolve this: we needed our website to work for you.

So we contacted the guys who helped us create the website, and they adjusted the checkout page to not loop and work nice with the credit card processors, our tech guys discovered what was creating the original error, fixed that, and added a warning to our anxious customers to be sure to only click our "Submit Order" button once.  So we fixed the error. And we contacted every customer who had this problem. So, we are ready again to take your orders!

In the coming months, we'll be adding a few more improvements to keep our store stocked with the latest, our products searchable, and our order accurate and fulfilled in quick order. We welcome your comments (and fewer complaints) to be the online magic store you go to shop!


Thank you for supporting us,