Instant Downloads!

Friday, February 22, 2013

We are excited to announce the availability of L&L Publishing’s World’s Greatest Magic line via Instant Download! You can now instantly stream these videos upon purchase and even download them to your desktop for offline viewing! And the best part? The downloads are only $14.95 each - that's $5.00 less than the physical DVD! 

We are now able to present downloadable products, including videos, at When You Wish Magic, providing Instant magic instruction. We've updated our streaming-only videos  with a downloadable feature, so you watch your magic videos offline. (It takes some time to process these videos for downloads, so you can still stream them instantly.)

We've also moved your downloadable orders into your profile when you log in, as well your magic wish list (which you can now send a link to friends!).

Explore our new site at and look for the Instant Download icons!