REALLY Free Shipping!

Friday, October 21, 2011

We restructured some of our costs in response to our customers yet again. We noticed though we had free shipping, we had to tack on costs of handling and insurance to make sure products were being sent right. But that didn't stop the rather 'charges' for free shipping. Well, no more.

We ate those costs to provide TRULY FREE SHIPPING for orders over $40 (in Canada and the U.S.) ! That includes the box, packing, and USPS insurance that you will get your product! Because of that, we can't combine certain offers, but if we can offer you a better price through our discounts via newsletter, Facebook status or Twitter, please feel free to get the best deal at When You Wish Magic!

In addition to better offers, we are testing our new When You Wish Wishlist, to help you keep track of your favorite effects and supplies from our huge catalog of over 12,0000 products. Register, login, test it, give us feedback, as we improve this new feature.

Thank you for helping us be a better online magic store, and we will keep improving.