Welcome to our New Store!

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

After months of rebuilding our web store, we are finally relaunching When You WIsh Magic! And we've been busy!

A redesigned logo with our mascots, as well as a redesigned interface, a new newsletter program, and a blog to tell you all new happenings here, as well as a rss feed to keep you informed of new products and news. And there's more to come. We'll be adding more ways for you to search our vast catalog of magic products, as well as adding more types of products, so please join our newsletter to keep up to date!

We'll also be providing new ways to save you money on your magical purchases through frequent discount announcements, through our newsletter, our Twitter feed, our Facebook page, and evn our new YouTube channel! We'll still be providing FREE SHIPPING on most of our orders, butow, we'll be able to provide exciting new ways to supply you with your magic supplies. And the best is yet to come.

So for our loyal fans, thanks for your support. For our returning customers, thank you for givng us another chance to service your needs. For our newest customers, thank you for visiting our site and hope to see you all many times over!