PHANTOM HAND by Jean Xueref


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This is ultimate device for performing invisible thread magic; animation, floating objects, rising card and many other I.T. effects. No more fear of breakage, losing loops or snagging a reel. Already going I.T. effects? This is a breakthrough in I.T. technology. Put it on to start the day and you’re always ready to do miracles, even in short sleeves.

Not an I.T.R. and not loops of thread but a motorized, wrist worn bracelet.

No more fumbling to ‘get ready’ – no clothing or body restrictions.

Breakage is minimized. The rare break is easily repaired in SECONDS!

Highest quality, break resistant, truly “invisible” thread.

Completely new design, rechargeable built-in battery-years in design and testing.

Suitable for all thread work including close-up.

For all wrist sizes – extremely comfortable to wear.

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