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Run Run Rabbit is a classic. It’s a participative, funny and full of twists and turns.

We have created a special frame. On it, you can adapt specially made “sets”, characters, doors to have a new trick without changing all your equipment.

So, for Christmas, we couldn’t forget to make Santa run with “Run Run Santa“!

As a bonus, you will receive the set for “Run Run the Cat” : as soon as the Christmas celebrations are over, change the set and you have a perfect trick for birthday party !

Run Run Santa

You show a figurine representing Santa Claus, which you introduce behind the door of a house where he will leave the presents.

Entered by the right door, the children see Santa Claus sneaking behind the houses to find him… always where they are not waiting for him.

Santa passes by here, passes by there: impossible to follow him!

Finally, he is in the back of your pocket or somewhere else that you will find it!

  • Very easy to do
  • Direct printing on material: no sticker
  • Big size: 52cm x 21cm
  • Modern designs
  • Design adaptable on the same frame
  • You will receive one frame and two designs: Santa and Cat
  • Hand made in France

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