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“When it comes to anything and everything amazing with iPhones, you MUST explore the in-depth work of Michael Murray.”- Gregory Wilson”I cannot recommend this enough, ‘Perfect Opener’ is one of the most genius and bold ideas I’ve read in a LONG time. Michael is the master when it comes to iPhone routines and this book is a testament to that.”- Colin McLeodThis 54 page book now contains all of the following and more: Calculated Risk (Feature routine) – Unlock TWO borrowed mobiles in an incredibly easy fashion Perfect Opener – The spectator names ANY four digits, they are typed into your genuine phone lock screen and your mobile opens iSwami – A method for using the iPhone calculator to seemingly predict any two digit number One in Ten Thousand – Have a spectator intuit (or predict) any four digit number/pin code/unlock code Feedback – Did you know your iPhone has a memory for numbers? Phone Clone – Show just how vulnerable out phone security system actually is Identity Theft – A method for stealing your spectators identity Frosties Reveal – Reveal your spectators exact DOB or starsign Noted – The notes application on either your or the spectators mobile will become your new peek deviceNote: Although the primary effect and a few others will work with any iPhone, a couple of the routines do require the use of newer iPhone models.

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