CD Magic Volume 2 by Jordan Gomez – DVD


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Learn now the world acclaimed CD act. INTRO- How to color your CDs CROSS CHANGE- Bottom Production & Cross Change- Top Production & Cross Change- 2/1/2 Line Color Change- Line Production (Flash)- Double Palming ReloadTHUMB PRODUCTION CROSS CHANGE + THUMB PRODUCTION- 0 Production- S Production, Start Version 1 & 2- Bottom Production in Double Palming- Line Color Change and Line Vanish- Line Color Vanish- X Production- 3 Side Color Change- Splash Production MULTIPLE COLOR CHANGE ROUTINE- Toss Change- Wave Change- Down Change- Snap Change- Pinch Out Change- Flip Vanish Using 4 CDs- Start Version 1, 2 & 3 for 5 CDs Production. ULTIMATE SKY VANISHCONFETTI LOADCD ACT SETUPCD ACTLanguage : French + English subtitles In July 2009, Jordan Gomez represented France with his CD manipulation act at the World Championship of Magic in Beijing (China). He finished in the top 5 best performers at only 17 years old. From that event, his CD act has been performed in over 30 countries worldwide. His magic also appeared on the major mass media broadcasters such as BBC, CCTV, M6, RAI 1 etc.

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