Coinmagic Symposium Vol. 3 – DVD


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On November 12 & 13 2011 the second European Coin Magic Symposium brings 20 magicians from all over the world to Milan for 2 days of non-stop coin magic.Volume 3 contains:Performance and Explanations by: Giacomo Bertini – Matrix Colors Daryl – The Misterious Cross of India Francis Tabary – Three Coins Routine Miguel Angel Gea – Spanish Wild Coin Eric Jones – Enigma Change Antony Gerard – Static Attraction Francesco Addeo – Behind The Backs Roberto Giobbi – Giobbi On Convergence Shigeo Futagawa – China Money Jean Emmanuel Franzis – Cylinder & Coins Michael Rubinstein – Oil & Water Jerome Bourgeon – Three FlyExtras: Only Performance: Ginjiro – Ginjiro Coin Box Routine Running Time Approximately: 1hr 35min

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