Crystal Mirror Bucket (Watertight) by Ronjo – Trick


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The Ultimate Utility Device!This is a high quality very deceptive piece of apparatus. It is so diverse; you will have a hard time choosing how you will want to use it!You are supplied with this beautiful prop and explanations for 18 effects.It’s so easy and diverse, you will soon create your own effects with it. Make items appear, disappear or transform.Secretly switch one item for a duplicate item and no one will suspect a switch was even made!Transform anything that fits inside!Visibly change one item into another!May be used with Slush Powder!Here are few things you can do with it:Milk To SilkFish AppearDrawing DuplicationDeck SwitcherMeasures approximately 9″ from handle to base x 15 1/2″ in circumference.Made in the U.S.A.

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