Deluxe Edition Trinity Coin Set (DVD) by Johnny Wong – Trick


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Deluxe Edition Trinity Coin Set is a fine magic gimmick newly upgraded this year (2019). It contains three types of coin parts, and they look just like a regular half dollar. With this set, you are able to perform various and enhanced coin effects, due to these very clever gimmicks. All coins are examinable after your performance. Imagine a half dollar suddenly turns into three different type of coins and vanishes immediately, and vice versa. The infinite imagination and creativity in using this coin set is left for you to explore. DVD with instruction demo contains routines listed below: 3 Coins Quick Move Unique 3 Coins Change to Quarters 2 Kinds of Coins Thru Small Box 3 Coins Switch 3 Coins Miracle Routine Ideas by Johnny Wong include: New style trinity coin gimmicks Old English penny coin Chinese copper coin 6 Chinese coin stickers Instructional DVD

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