In the Frame by Mark Elsdon – Trick


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The frame you can see on the front cover is an ordinary, examinable picture frame. And the card inside – the prediction – IS the spectator’s signed selection! They said it couldn’t be done… they were wrong! The effect of In The Frame is as simple as it is powerful: a signed selection vanishes from the deck and proves to be the card that was on display in the picture frame the entire time. This is all accomplished with minimal sleight-of hand (no palming!) and a regular deck. No fumbling, no extraneous props, no awkward ‘clicks’ or any other tell-tale sounds. Walk up to a table with just the picture frame and a regular deck and you are good to go. Easy reset and nothing to replace. In The Frame is not just another ‘solution-to-a-problem’ but a completely practical, commercial piece of magic and is perfect for both close-up and cabaret performance. Comes complete with the picture frame, gimmick and full instructions.

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