M-Case Red (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Mickael Chatelain – Trick


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THE 100% AUTOMATIC CARD CASE GIMMICK!! VISIBLY CHANGE ANY CARD, BILL OR BUSINESS CARD. YOU CAN EVEN LET THE SPECTATOR DO THE ENTIRE EFFECT IN THEIR OWN HANDS! TORN AND RESTORED CARD AND BORROWED BILL. FULL VIEW HANDS-OFF CHANGE OF ANY FACE-UP OR FACE-DOWN CARD. M-CASE FREES YOU TO ALWAYS START AND FINISH CLEAN WITH YOUR FAVORITE GAFFED CARD EFFECT!! NEVER SWEAT HAVING TO FORCE A CARD AGAIN. JUST HAVE YOUR SPECTATOR TOSS ANY CARD FROM A SHUFFLED DECK INTO THE M-CASE AND IT’S DONE! All Changes are 100% automatic All Changes can be done in full view with no cover. Spectator can perform the entire change herself. M-Case Can Freely Handled by Spectator Completely Self-Contained. Nothing to add or take away. Carry your normal deck in the M case. Perfect for secretly switching in or out your favorite gaffed card. Use M Case to replace double lifts or traditional forces. Re-sets in seconds Available in Red and Blue Bicycle Cases.SWITCH TO THE M-CASE TODAY! THE AUTOMATIC CARD CASE THAT CHANGES HOW YOU CHANGE! And why not have the change take place right in the hands of your spectator?A SPECTATOR places a card inside the case and keeps it in his hands. Although impossible, the card that comes out will be a different one! Likewise for a banknote or a piece of paper or what have you. Once again the case can be examined without revealing its diabolical secret.You will find no fewer than 16 ideas explained in detail on the online video that comes with your M-Case. With M-Case, all these effects and many others have at last become easy to do.

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