Manoj Bottle (DVD & Gimmicks) by Manoj Kaushal – Trick


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A BORROWED PEN, RING or even a small COOKIE melts through the SOLID bottom of an examined water bottle! NO PALMING. NO SWITCHES OR DITCHES. JUST A SIMPLE LOVELY MISPERCEPTION THAT OPENS THE “SWEET SPOT” FOR THE PERFECT PENETRATION. Yup, You’ve seen a dozen coin-in-bottle effects. BUT the Manoj Bottle so FUN and INGENIOUSLY PRACTICAL it will instantly become your personal, EASY-WORLD, happy and glad FAVORITE! Your borrowed and signed spectator completely examines the clear bottom of the bottle, it’s genuinely solid! Yet a second later you visibly push her borrowed thingy right through the examined bottom and into the bottle. The bottom can immediately be inspected again…there’s really nothing there but solid clear plastic and the reflection of her astonished smile. The Manoj Bottle Borrow a bottle cap, ring, pen, coin, cookie etc. Borrowed object is the same one sealed inside the bottle. The borrowed thingy does not have to fit through the mouth of the bottle. Works with a wide variety of water bottles and can be prepared in ten seconds. Option to have water in the bottle during effect. Everything can be signed even the water. Bottle can be handed out before and after. NO RESET NO Duplicates NO Switches NO Magnets NO Thread NO PalmingA raw authentic astonishment with the simplest, cleanest method possible. Do you really need another coin-in-bottle? Only if it’s the MANOJ BOTTLE Complete with secret stuff and DVD

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