Nick Lewin’s Ultimate Electric Chair and Paper Balls Over Head – DVD


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All you need are thirteen paper napkins, an empty chair, and THIS ROUTINE! This routine is one of the most highly commercial and laugh-filled effects in the business. It was the centerpiece of Nick’s professional show for many years. He is now passing on the full details of this classic routine for the first time, every detail of Ken’s routine, plus the many changes, improvements and additions he developed are taught in detail. This routine was one of the keystones of Nick’s career as a corporate magician. Thirty-six years later it is still great and timeless entertainment! Nick Lewin is one degree from Ken Brooke and he enjoyed six hours of instruction directly from Ken on the Electric Chair and Paper Balls Over Head. Ken came in on his only day off, Sunday, to teach Lewin his treasured routine. The information on these two discs contains not only Ken’s routine and personal notes, but all the refinements, additions and improvements that Nick has developed in the forty-eight years he has been performing it. The meticulous attention to detail in this release, makes it the ultimate master class in performing this legendary routine. Once you know the true secrets, many of which are being revealed for the very first time, you will quickly be able to add this reputation making feature effect to your show. BONUS MATERIAL: PDF/CD with script, photographs, valuable additional information, Ken Brooke’s personal notes to sixteen year old Nicky and Lewin’s many improvements and updates. The DVD is your personal master class. This effect is NOT CHEAP because you are paying for a time tested professional routine. Look at what you are saving by NOT buying an electric chair. Just thirteen paper napkins are all you need and any empty chair. All the details are included, and there are two hours worth, plus bonus material. Features NO SPECIAL CHAIR IS NEEDED, CHOOSE ONE AT THE GIG FULL SCRIPT, DIALOGUES AND PATTER SUPPLIED THE ULTIMATE PACK SMALL AND PLAY BIG ROUTINE A REPUTATION MAKING ROUTINE THAT IS PERFECT FOR ANY COMEDY PERFORMER IDEAL FOR CABARET, CORPORATE OR THEATER PERFORMANCE Every detail is covered in this comprehensive two-hour plus DVD “Without a doubt one of the best audience participation routines you are ever going to find and the detail that Nick gives out here is incredible. He has put this through every working condition and is able to share his knowledge with us. I dare say he knows more about this than Ken Brooke did when he first taught it to Nick and Paul Daniels.” – VANISH Magazine

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