Reel Magic Episode 39 (John Gaughan) – DVD


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John Gaughan:John Lovick gets a tour of legendary illusion designer John Gaughan’s workshop, including his collection of historical pieces and some of his most famous illusions! Columns:Bill Wisch – Wisch on SlydiniBill shows us a cute trick he calls “The Fork.”Garrett Thomas – Try This! (at Home)Garrett discusses the importance of procedures and how they can improve even the simplest routines. Kainoa Harbottle – Coin UKainoa talks about the importance of keeping a messy notebook and teaches us a vanish from his. Doc Eason – Behind the BarDoc teaches Kozmo a great little trick with corks that will keep your audience puzzled. Reviews:David Regal – Tricks of the Trade David is shocked by some “Electronic Marvels.” Tricks:Jeff Prace – “Light Flight” A Reel Magic Exclusive!Dan Fleshman – “Final Twist variation”Another Reel Magic Exclusive!Liam Montier – “Coin-Corde”from The Wicked World of Liam Montier courtesy of Big Blind Media Move Monkeys:Jeff Copeland – “French Lace Erase”Scott Robinson – “A Simple Control”Ryan Schlutz – “Ambitious Delicious”

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