Secret Passage (DVD & Gimmicks) by Jay Sankey – Trick


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A brand NEW collection of extraordinary moments with a 100% ordinary Sharpie marker! EASY TO DO MAKES FOR AN EYE-POPPING OPENING EFFECT PERFORM JUST BEFORE (OR JUST AFTER) THE SPECTATOR USES THE MARKER *COMES COMPLETE WITH VERY SPECIAL GIMMICK AND FULL-LENGTH DVDIncludes… BREAKNECKVisibly CRUSH the marker down to just 2-inches in length! Then immediately restore it to its original length and hand the marker to someone to sign a card. Amazing opening trick. No switch of the marker is required! INVISIBLYCause the cap to ‘become invisible.’ And then a few moments later, it mysteriously reappears on the marker! PENETRATINGImpossibly push the marker through the very middle of the cap. You can even ‘stop the action’ and show the cap stuck on the shaft of the marker! Then after sliding the entire marker through the cap, immediately hand everything out to be examined. MELTING POINTJust by rubbing the cap with the tips of your fingers, cause it to ‘melt’ down the length of the marker, until most of the marker is sealed inside an impossibly long cap! JAY ON THE FLIPSTICKJay has performed Flip’s brilliant ‘Flipstick’ sleight with a marker for decades. Now for the first time ever, Jay shares his original thinking around the ‘how, when and why’ of this extremely magical technique.

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