The Cardwarp Tour by Jeff Pierce – Book


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Admission Includes…The Original Cardwarp routine created by Roy Walton. An unpublished Cardwarp idea by Roy Walton. Two essays on routining and what not to do. Ten scripts to adapt to your Cardwarp routine. Twenty Five routines using, cards, bills and business cards. Over 400 illustrations guide you through the routines. A reference section to help you find other ideas in print.”I’d buy two books so you can fold one in half lengthwise and one in half widthwise…you get the idea!”- David Acer, Magician and Author “Few concepts in card magic are this simple or robust. The possibilities that arise from simply folding a card has created its own genre of visual, topological impossibilities. Beautifully researched and presented; surely something here will become a personal favorite.”- Michael Ammar, Magician and Author Pages: 192 – 8.5″ x 11″ – Hardcover – Black and white illustrations

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