The Magic of Celebrating Illusion by Robert Neale and Larry Hass – Book


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The Magic of Celebrating Illusion by Robert E. NealeIn this first installment of his long-awaited Trilogy of Magic, Robert E. Neale uncovers the profound extent to which human experience is informed by our illusions . . . and the essential role magicians play in teaching us how to celebrate it! The book also includes twenty-one of Bob Neale’s latest, highly innovative magic routines performed with simple props such as playing cards, bills, rope, and paper. Each one comes with a fully developed presentation.What Leading Magicians Say:With [this book’s] publication, Robert Neale…has given us a book full of ways and means by which we can see past our self-imposed illusions in order to more clearly see the real magic which exists in the world…. Long live Bob Neale!-Michael WeberBob Neale is a wonder. He is a softhearted human being and a hardheaded philosopher of magic and life…. His insights stretch your mind and make you shake your head with awe, wonder, and respect. -Barrie RichardsonBob Neale has a rare ability to create magic with an intellectual whimsy. The result is simultaneously provocative, profound, and just plain fun. I am a fan…-Max MavenReading Bob Neale’s work is always an adventure. He tugs and pushes us beyond what we think we know and then suddenly rearranges things in a completely unexpected way. -Eugene BurgerBob Neale is my hero. It astonishes me how he can transform even some of the darkest situations of the human condition into light, humor, and inspiration. -Jeff McBride

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