Sixth Sense 2.0 by Hugo Shelley - Trick

by Shelley, Hugo
Magical Effect

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Sixth Sense 2 is the evolution of the best-selling magnetic detection device. With an extended range, multidirectional sensing pattern and self-calibrating digital circuitry, Sixth Sense 2 allows you to perform a variety of beautiful and stunning mind-reading effects including the classic 'which hand'. Place the miniature sensor (33 x 20 x 9mm) under your watch strap and a silent vibration will let you know in which hand your volunteer has hidden a magnetic coin.

Not only is Sixth Sense 2 the most sensitive magnetic detector available, it is the only device in the world that allows you to perform this effect in short sleeves.

"Truly awesome - the most effective and reliable device of its kind!"
- Colin Macleod

"Another great effect"
- Criss Angel

The effect
Borrowing a coin, you challenge a volunteer to a simple guessing game. They hide a coin in one of their hands, and you guess which one it is in. If you get it wrong, they win $100.

You win, but propose a new game. This time you play again, but for $1000 ...

Playing just as well in a casual environment as to an audience of thousands, this is only one of a number of possible effects that can be performed, from Smash and Stab to multi-spectator Kurotsuke routines.

Extended Range
No need to use large magnetic props (marbles, poker chips etc) - Sixth Sense 2 is the only device in the world that is sensitive enough to reliably detect a magnetic coin through a closed fist.

Recommended Coins/Items: Range

Magnetic US Half Dollar - Super Strong (Kreiss Magic): 4.5in
Magnetic £1 for Sixth Sense ( 4in
Magnetic £1 (Izzy Wizzy Magic): 4in
Magnetic 50c Euro (Magic Factory Essen): 3.75in

PK Ring (Wizard FX): 5in
Larger magnetic objects (Scorpion, Spike): 12in+

No calibration routines, wires, settings, or complicated hookups. Just turn the unit on via the switch at the base and Sixth Sense 2 automatically configures itself in a fraction of a second. Keep it in a pocket and perform your favourite effects wherever and whenever you want.

Dimensions: 33mm x 20mm x 9mm
Battery life: 50hrs
User-replaceable CR1632 batteries
Includes sensor, demo DVD, velcro wrist strap and written instructions

Please note: Magnetic coins must be purchased separately and are not included with the Sixth Sense 2.

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